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During the last two weeks Kel had the honour of being able to create personalised balloon designs for two grieving families.

Soccer player

Soccer player


The first family had lost an amazing husband and father to three.  The wife and family wanted their service to be a celebration of their loved one’s life, with a focus on all the good times and an opportunity to remember a man who embraced life and loved his family and sports…especially soccer.  He had thoroughly enjoyed watching his sons play and volunteered many hours to their clubs.  So when Kel was asked to make something to help lighten the sombre service for the kids he created a design showing their dad as a soccer player in the big game up in the clouds.  The balloon was so well received the family took it along to the wake and placed it in their living room at home for the week that followed.  It provided them with a stimulus to talk about their loss while also remembering some fun times.



Funeral 2

The second request came through a funeral director, Above and Beyond Funerals.  They wanted to a personal touch to the service for the family and requested a corvette design as the recently departed gentleman had been an avid car enthusiast.  They provided Kel with some photographs of the cars that the deceased had owned to give him a base for his designs.  There was a lot of balloon weaving involved in this design combined with some glued pieces.  Hi-float was used to ensure the design would last.  One minor issue was delivery.  The bulkiness of the cars (particularly the bigger of the two) meant they didn’t fit in a standard sedan.  It required a 4WD with a large boot or a station wagon.  (Lesson learned for future designs!)  However, as the funeral director said, smaller cars wouldn’t have had as much impact as those provided.


Despite the sad circumstances, these balloon creations were really well received by the families and their friends.  The balloons brought to life the loved one’s personality and qualities that were adored by their families and helped provide a visual reminder of these fun times amidst their grief.

This was such an unexpectedly gratifying work project.

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