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During his time working on local and national radio programs (ACE Radio network, Mixx FM, Hot Tomato, Gold FM), Kel had the opportunity to interview (and jam with) some massive national and international celebrities.  Kel has interviewed our current Prime Minister and has even interviewed a Kennedy (Christopher Kennedy Lawford -nephew of JFK).  With a relaxed style of questioning Kel manages to have interviewees open up to disclose snippets of their lives…he discovered that Kasey Chambers gets nervous when she sees Paul Kelly call her mobile; Patrick Monahan’s (lead singer of Train) best soy latte cafe location was in Santa Monica; Paul Mac can even make a kid’s toy piano sound musical; Ed Kowalczyk (lead singer of Live) was surprisingly a big fan of American Idol; Pete Murray sounds (and looks) as good in person as he appears on his albums…the list goes on.

Kel Harper and Kasey Chambers    Kel Harper and Pete Murray


Kel’s favourite interview of all time, was with Mark Lizotte (Diesel) where they both played Wiggles songs on air and finished with them playing “Tip of My Tongue” together.  (Here’s a snippet)

Kel’s most nervous moment occurred while paneling a breakfast show …and involved him calling “The King”, Wally Lewis to patch him in for an interview.

During Kel’s time in radio he was called upon to emcee many events from trade shows and corporate launches to school fetes and family fun days in addition to many outside broadcasts.

Performing the duties of Master of Ceremonies for weddings is a specialty.  Kel’s relaxed and fun style promotes an atmosphere of engaging familiarity that brings the room together.

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