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Weddings are a wonderful time when you bring together all your family and friends for a fantastic celebration of your love.  In addition to your besties,  you’re possibly inviting kids, teenagers, aunts/uncles, grandparents and great aunts/uncles…so when it comes time to dancing and having fun, you want to be sure you’ve got your bases covered for all the generations in the music and entertainment department. Why not go one step further and give yourself, your family and friends a night that will be in your memories forever?! A roving (close-up) magician is a great ice-breaker as your guests warm-up over drinks while waiting for the guests of honour (you!) to arrive.  Combine the magic with high quality balloon artistry and some comedic banter and really wow your guests.  Or maybe you would prefer a solo vocalist backed with acoustic guitar?  Or a combination of all these talents?  Either way, Kel has you covered. Kel Harper has a huge range of songs from jazz to classic party tunes and latest hits that will be sure to keep everyone singing and dancing.  His entertaining style suits all ages and his many talents (music, magic, balloon artistry, master of ceremonies and DJ) ensures a great night for everyone on and off the dance floor!  Keep reading below for more ideas on how Kel can make your night truly unforgettable!



Unique Wedding Ideas

Looking for some ways to make your wedding unique?  How about trying one or more of these:

  • Roving (close-up) comedy magician – fantastic ice-breaker to get people in the mood for some fun!
  • Balloon artist – now we don’t mean the usual balloon dog and sword (although Kel can make these too if someone requested it)…we are talking headbands, wristbands, flowers, princesses, fairies, wands, spiders, aliens, cows among many other designs.  This will keep kids (and adults) entertained as they watch Kel make their take-home keepsakes.
  • Acoustic guitar soloist – music that has been stripped back to just guitar and vocals can create a really intimate setting for your pre-dinner drinks.  Kel’s beautiful vocals and tasteful arrangements creates the perfect atmosphere.
  • Exploding balloons –  for the bride and groom who want to make a big entrance.
  • Balloon photo op/selfie set –  Everyone loves an opportunity to take photos and providing a cool backdrop at your wedding can help create awesome memories of your night.  Kel can personalise your photo op/selfie set to suit your tastes and then throw in some fun props (glasses, feather boas, hats etc) and your guests can be the directors of their own videos and photo shoot!
  • Master of Ceremonies – We’ve all experienced that awkwardness watching an inexperienced speaker fumble their way through formalities…it’s natural…the thought of public speaking (even in front of family and friends) will make most people cringe.  Rather than putting your friend or family member on the spot, why not consider getting an experienced MC to help?  Kel’s prior work on local and national radio helped him develop a relaxed style that will help loosen everyone up for their speeches. He will work with you and the venue to pull together a run sheet for the night, so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!
  • Live music at the reception combined with DJ  Often you need a duo or a band to get a good dance floor going.  Kel has the gift of a very big voice and personality and is really interactive.   This enables him to create the same energy and vibe of a typical duo.  Kel has so much experience: performing small solo gigs in pubs; Neil Diamond/Tom Jones shows in clubs; to musical comedy shows; as well as performing in soul bands and contemporary bands to crowds of 6000+ (even a gig being the warm-up for James Reyne).  This means he has a huge diverse range of dinner music, singalongs and dance music that he can personally perform.  He also has the ability to mimic some voices, so this adds a really special dimension to some of his musical medleys.  Add in his DJ skills (and hundreds of songs to choose from) in between sets and the momentum of the dance floor won’t be lost.

Wedding Balloon Decor

Are you a wedding planner and/or a wedding venue  and events manager?  Kel may be the answer to  your dreams…  One comment that he has received regularly from wedding planners, and wedding venue and events managers, is how much easier it makes their life when they only have to deal with one person for entertainment.  Kel is the musician, the Master of Ceremonies, the DJ, the magician and the balloon artist for the kids.

He can even help out with balloon decor – specialising in themed balloon photo op/selfie sets, exploding balloons and centrepieces. (Click to see more Balloon Artistry.)


Entertainer, Singer, Musician, Magician, Balloon Artist, DJ, Master of Ceremonies

Brides-and-Grooms-to-be: Kel understands that you will want your wedding to be personal and special and therefore the packages provided in this pdf are only a guide on what you could choose.  Once you have had a look through, Kel can chat with you about your wedding plans and provide you with a more tailored quote that will help make your day truly unique.

Kel Harper Wedding Entertainment Packages.compressed


Here are some questions that you might help you when deciding on the type of wedding entertainment that will make your day really special. If you book Kel, he can work with the venue and/or wedding planner to identify the answers to many of these questions so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding the way it should be. 

Wedding and Ceremony venue:

  • Will your wedding ceremony and wedding reception be in the same or different locations?
  • Is your ceremony in a church or chapel?  Do they supply an organist or does the church or chapel have a sound system that you can use? Could the ceremony be personalised by having Kel sing ‘your’ song, while playing an acoustic guitar as you walk down the aisle and/or sign the register?  Does the priest/celebrant have any restrictions on the type of music allowed?
  • Is the reception indoors or outdoors?
    • If the reception is outdoors:
      • How much access to power will there be?
      • Will the outdoor venue have a dance floor and stage area?
      • What sort of lighting is available and would you like to know about additional lighting options that can enhance the romance?
      • Is there protection from strong winds and other weather elements?
    • Is there a PA supplied with the venue?  Are there sound restrictions?
    • If the reception is indoors:
      • What is the layout of the room?  Is the floor carpeted or hard floors?  Are there a lot of columns in the room or is it open?  Are there a lot of windows/glass and if so are they covered or open?
  • What are the open/close times for the venue and can the entertainment get access for set-up/pack-down?
  • Is there parking onsite for entertainment?
  • How long will the reception go for?  Musicians need to take breaks between sets to head to the bathroom and/or grab a drink to wet the vocal chords.  Generally their sets last 45 min with 15min breaks  where a selection of pre-programmed tracks are played.  If you want to keep the dance floor pumping after the speeches are over, ask Kel about longer sets (up to 1.5hrs each) and /or his DJ services (where your guests can request songs on the night).  Kel has a diverse range of more than 300 songs that he can perform and as a DJ he also has thousands of songs to choose from to keep the dance floor moving.

** Kel provides his own PA, a microphone for the speeches and lighting for the stage area.  He can also provide additional lighting to create a beautiful wash across the dance floor area if desired.

Style of wedding

  • Is your wedding formal, cocktail or casual?  Kel can dress appropriately for any occasion.
  • Will you have formal speeches?  Do you have a Master of Ceremonies?  Why not hand over the reins to Kel and let him make sure everything runs to schedule on the day?  Kel can develop a run sheet with you prior to your big day so you can just relax and enjoy.  Kel has a relaxed presentation style and provides a microphone for speeches as part of his PA set-up.  Check out Kel’s experience as a Master of Ceremonies.
  • Will you provide standing cocktail/pre-dinner drinks and canapés before heading in for a sit-down wedding?  You might like to consider having Kel sing some tastefully arranged songs backed by an acoustic guitar.  Or perhaps you would like to consider something a little bit different and book Kel to “magish” your guests, mingling with some close-up magic tricks.  Check out Kel’s Soloist and Magician pages and videos to see his experience to date.


  • What are your guests going to be doing while you have your wedding photos taken, in between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception?  Will they require entertaining during that time?
  • How many guests will you have?  This can indicate the size of the room and hence the size of the PA that will be required.
  • Will you have children at your wedding?  Kel can perform close-up magic tricks and make high quality balloon animals to keep the kids (and parents) entertained during pre-dinner drinks and canapés.  Here are some examples of the quality of Kel’s balloon artistry.
  • Do your guests love to take selfies?  Why not think about adding a themed selfie set?  This is a balloon designed 3D set with simple costume accessories such as hats, glasses, moustaches, feather boas etc that your guests can use and stand against the balloon backdrop for some cool and memorable wedding snaps.  These can be personalised to your particular tastes.

Other considerations

It is customary to supply your entertainment with a meal at weddings due to the duration of the wedding and their inability to leave the celebrations to seek out refreshments.  This can become rather costly for the bride and groom when you are booking bands , a master of ceremonies and other entertainment.  Given Kel can provide all your entertainment needs, it’s only one mouth to feed!


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